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Level 42 Bass Transcriptions Pdf

Level 42 Bass Transcriptions Pdf

Level 42 is a British pop rock and jazz-funk band that was formed in 1979. The band is known for their catchy songs, complex arrangements, and virtuosic bass playing by their lead singer and bassist Mark King. King is widely regarded as one of the best slap bass players in the world, and his style has influenced many other bassists. One of the best ways to learn from King's bass playing is to study his transcriptions, which are written versions of his recorded bass lines.

One of the most popular and acclaimed albums by Level 42 is A Physical Presence, which was released in 1985. It is a live album that captures the band's original lineup in their prime, performing some of their hit songs as well as instrumental pieces. The album showcases the unique blend of superior musicianship and songwriting talents that had proven so popular with their fans. For admirers of Mark King's inimitable style of bass playing, the album is a treasure trove: classic instrumental pieces such as 'Mr. Pink' and 'Foundation & Empire' sit alongside pop hits such as 'Hot Water' and 'The Chinese Way', all driven by King's energetic bass lines.


A Physical Presence Bass Transcriptions is a book that contains the complete set of bass guitar transcriptions for the classic live Level 42 album. The book was written by Stuart Clayton, a professional bassist and author who has published several books on bass playing and transcriptions. The book was originally published in 2003, but has been out of print for many years. However, due to popular demand, the book was re-released in 2015 with a new cover and updated layout. The book is available through Bassline Publishing, Level 42's official website, and other online retailers.

The book features accurate and detailed transcriptions of Mark King's bass lines for all 14 songs on the album, written in both standard notation and tablature. The book also includes detailed performance notes for each song, explaining the techniques, rhythms, and nuances of King's playing. The book covers a wide range of styles and skills, from funk and slap bass to melodic and harmonic playing. The book is suitable for intermediate to advanced bass players who want to learn from one of the masters of the instrument.

The book contains the following songs:

  • Almost There

  • Turn It On

  • Mr. Pink

  • Eyes Waterfalling

  • Kansas City Milkman

  • Follow Me

  • Foundation & Empire

  • The Chant Has Begun

  • The Chinese Way

  • The Sun Goes Down

  • Hot Water

  • Bass Solo

  • Love Games

  • 88

If you are a fan of Level 42 or Mark King, or if you want to improve your bass playing skills, you should definitely check out A Physical Presence Bass Transcriptions. It is a valuable resource that will help you learn from one of the best bass players in the world.

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